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Information for students who have completed a 10-day course in Vipassana Meditation as taught by S.N. Goenka

This site provides information of special interest to students who have done at least one Vipassana Meditation course as taught by Goenkaji. It also provides access to the Vipassana Newsletter on-line edition (oldstudent/behappy) as well as the schedule of advanced courses at each of the Centers, words of Dhamma from Goenkaji and news and happenings in this tradition from around the world.

Special Announcements

Award for Goenkaji from President of India

Selected Video Talks by Goenkaji

Global Vipassana Pagoda Information

European Long Course Center Information

Sitting and Serving In India

Dana In Your Will: Charitable Bequests

Current Information and Inspiration

Vipassana Newsletters

Group Sitting Recordings

Letters From Sayagyi U Ba Khin to S.N. Goenka 1969-1971

Dhamma Podcasts of talks by Goenkaji from

International Vipassana Newsletter On-Line (Same username and password)

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Words of Dhamma from Goenkaji

Vipassana Video Gallery

Worldwide Projects for the Spread of Dhamma

The Dhamma Service Page

Regional Outreach Programs

Regional Vipassana Resources

Prison Programs

Reference Materials for Old Students

The Chain of Teachers in this Tradition
Vipassana Research Institute Website
Old Student Practice Guide
Summaries of Goenkaji's Discourses & Translations of Some Chantings
World-Wide List of Meditation Centers
Course Schedules Including Long and Special Courses
Summary of Long Course Schedules (By Region & Type of Course)
Qualification Requirements for Long and Special Courses for Old Students
Application Forms for Meditation Courses
Long Course Application Forms
World Contact List
Recommended Publications for Vipassana Meditators
Where to get Books and CDs on Vipassana
Words of Dhamma Software
Bhavatu Sabba Mangalam(684K)

Additional information on Vipassana Meditation, directed primarily to new and potential students, can be found on the Vipassana Meditation Homepage.

Information for Old Students of Vipassana Meditation is also available in other languages.

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